Here are the links for reviews of "Earth Below", "Best of", and "Singularity" by Jon Neudorf of the SEA OF TRANQUITLTY music site:




The review of Earth Below can also be read on this site at the REVIEWS section.

The new album, "Earth Below" is now available as a digital download on CDBaby:


Above is the new Winter Tree logo created by Chris Dearborn last week.

I'm currently working on 2 new songs that I plan on releasing as singles through CDBaby this coming Spring. I also recorded a short instrumental entitled "Big Brother" that I originally composed in the mid 80s but have finally got around to recording properly. Mark Bond laid down some killer guitar tracks that really add another dimension to it all.

​"Earth Below", our current release, is now available digitally from www.amazon.com 

I am getting near to completeing a new album! I released the first single last week on Cdbaby.


The song is called "Bobby" and is an existential tale of a young man who's seen too many war movies and played too many violent video games. Check it out, I think you'll dig it :-) It also features Neil Taylor on guitars. Neil played lead guitar for Tears For Fears back in the 80s and since then has recorded/toured with Robbie Williams, Chris DeBurgh and numerous others. A singer from LA named Rudiger did all the vocals and Tom DuPree III of Nashville played the drums.

I have several other guests working on songs and will keep you posted.


The new album is one mix away from being completed! This was an exciting venture as I decided to try the Alan Parsons approach and  work with several different vocalist, including Alistair Gordon (lead vocalist on Tony Banks "Bankstatement" solo album). Neil Taylor, formerly of Tears For Fears and now touring with Chris DeBurgh's band, played most of the electric guitar. Lots of enthusiasm was generated from the guests and I think you will hear it when you listen to the album. Also featured on most of the tracks is drummer Tom DuPree III from Nashville. He had a key role in making this all come together, thank you Tom! I'm hoping for a late August/early September release.

After many delays, I'm pleased to announce that the new CD by The Winter Tree, "Mr. Sun", will be released in February, 2017.
A video was created a few days ago by my friend Tasos in Greece of the title track. It received over 1,000 hits on Youtube the first day! It features Alistair Gordon(Tony Banks, "Bankstatement") on vocals and Neil Taylor(Tears For Fears, Chris DeBurgh) on guitars.
You can see it here on this site at the Video page.
Merry Christmas to all of you and your families :-) I'm celebrating my 55th birthday today...

The new album has arrived! It looks and sounds great! See the Song Samples/Store page of this site for ordering info and to hear the title track.

I, in my forgetfulness, forgot to include in the credits the talented people who did the mixing for the new album. It often gets a bit hectic during the process and I will certainly correct this travesty in future editions. Steve Piggot, a true master at his craft, mixed tracks 1-4 and 11. Lennon Bone mixed track 8, and the drummer on this album, Tom DuPree III, mixed track 10.


I finished recording a new ambient/new age instrumental album called "Morning Meditations". It is a follow up to my "Singularity" CD of 2015. All of the six pieces were recorded in one take with no preconceived ideas, just me reacting to the sounds. It was mastered last week by Toby Mountain.
The CD will be available exclusively from this website for free. Yes free. I will have to charge for postage and handling($4 USA, $11.50 elsewhere). I will keep you posted in the next few weeks on the progress on this release.

The new album, "Morning Meditations", is now out and is available exclusively from this site. I'm only charging for postage/handling($4 USA, $11.50 elswhere). It is a very minimalistic instrumental album of meditative music.
Please visit the Song Samples page for ordering info.
To hear full tracks from "Morning Meditations", please go to  https://soundcloud.com/andrew-laitres-1


Hi everyone :-) I've been very busy over the last few months recording a very special album:
"Topaz Islands Dreaming: A Collection of Songs and Poems From 20th Century Visionaries and Dreamers"
The album consists of poems I adapted to music and specially chosen cover songs that include:
"The Dawntreader" by Joni Mitchell
"Looking For Atlantis" by Prefab Sprout
"Isle of Islay" by Donovan
"60 Years On" by Elton John
"Dream Ships Set Sail" by Bill Nelson
"Matilda Mother" by Syd Barret/Pink Floyd
"The Wind" by Cat Stevens
"Time of No Reply" by Nick Drake
"Mother Nature's Son" by The Beatles
"That's The Way" by Led Zeppelin
There will be many guests on this album as well as a very special one most of you will know ;-)

​Use link posted above to hear my version of "The Dawntreader" featuring Lydia Salnikova on vocals, Cellist Yoad Nir, and myself on guitars.


I finished recording the new album last month and now have only 3 more songs to mix. 
My friend Steve Piggot mixed 4 of the songs and they sound fantastic! Jacob Holm-Lupo of the Norwegian band White Willow (who mixed The Winter Tree album "Earth Below")mixed and played a real Mellotron on a song also.
I had the pleasure of working with great musicians from all over the world, from Texas to Macedonia. I hope to release it on CD and download by April 1st.
The new Winter Tree album is now available!

 This album was a true labor of love for me. I looked back and thought about some of the artists who were a big influence on me, some since childhood. The ten songs I chose were mostly deep cuts form the artists' catalogs. I didn't do the obvious ones. 

I also included four poems that I adapted for music. One if these, the W. B. Yeats classic, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree", was sung by Nad Sylvan. He also made some suggestions for the arrangement. Nad also sang on the album opener "60 Years On", the early Elton John song with an amazing orchestral arrangement by Paul Buckmaster. While recording this song I learned that Mr. Buckmaster had recently passed away. 

The album concludes with a four part, 26 minute ambient piece entitled "Topaz Islands Dreaming", inspired by the beautiful cover art by Quebecois artist Claude Martin. 



Hello and my humble apologies for not posting for so long! I have been very busy and have some great news for you: I just finished recording an album with Nad Sylvan, the lead vocalist for Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited Band. The name of the album is Nad Sylvan, "Spiritus Mundi". Nad has also released 3 solo albums with the InsideOut label as well as the wonderful Unifaun album. All songs but one are adapted from the poetry of William Butler Yeats. I have to say that I am thrilled with the way the album turned out and can't wait for you all to hear it. It will be on vinyl, CD, and download.

I am also in the process of rereleasing all my back catalog in the digital domain for downloading. I am revising and remixing many of the songs, replacing drum machines with real drums and so on. I am even having new cover art on a few of the albums. So far I have completed my 2002 album "The Garden" and am working on my 2015 release "Earth Below". It's been very fun revisiting the albums and trying to get them sounding closer to the way I originally envisioned them. I added a few new sections to the title track of  "The Garden".

I also got married last December on my birthday!

Later Alligators :-)
Happy Spring!  I've almost completed making my whole catalog available digitally. Just a few titles left. I recently purchased a used cassette deck so that I can digitize my cassette only released from the 80s. I plan to make those available soon. The new Nad Sylvan album, that I cowrote, will be out on 4/9/21. Please check it out.

Happy May Day!  Today, here in Vermont, it is also Green Up Day. Volunteers spend the day picking up trash all around their towns. I worked this morning cleaning up one of my favorite running spots.

I would like to thank all of you who purchased the new Nad Sylvan album, "Spiritus Mundi", that I co-wrote and played on. For all who haven't, please check it out on YouTube . It features the words of the legendary poet William Butler Yeats. It was a great experience working with Nad and I now consider him to be a good friend. Please check out his albums and also, when the world gets back to normal, you can see him fronting Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited live band.

All but 3 titles of The Winter Tree albums are now available digitally for downloading and streaming. You can also check them out on Youtube. Just search "The Winter Tree topic" and they will all come up.